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Excellent Podcasts.

All about jazz and the musicians. The history and culture of the jazz worlds are explored with insight and authentic awareness. Presents important and fascinating personal stories of jazz musicians playing and living the music.

5 stars!!!

Todd, I am really enjoying this podcast. Wonderful guests, artists, conversations, and insights. Thank you for sharing your wisdom as always.


Love the podcast; great guests and always learning something new. Really appreciate how open the discussions are and learning not only about the musicians backgrounds and stories but also how folks approach their careers. Thank you!!

Coolest Of the Cool

DIALOGUE!! Meaningful, insightful, entertaining. Not just an interview podcast, but meaningful dialogue between Master musicians. I’ve played Jazz for 30 years and taught it for over 20. Still learning something new from each new episode. TY, TC 🙌🏽

Each keeps getting better

Thanks Todd. I haven’t missed one yet and they’d seem to keep getting better. These make my Wednesday‘s very happy. Keep it up. Nate Lienhard

5 star person, player, educator, and podcaster!

Todd brings truth, curiosity, depth, experience, humor, perspective, and humility to his wonderful interviews with interesting and informative guests. I look forward to his podcast every week!

Keeps Me Focused

I am a 66 yr old bassist who has had a very varied career but left on my own I play standards on the upright bass. I don’t have a full time professional connection to the jazz world but Todd has inspired me to dig deeper into the music. It’s a simple question, but I have been intrigued by the “how did you get started” discussion and so often it comes down to some kind of serious support from parents or teachers. While not a subject of the Toddcast (yet?) drummer Steve Jordan tells the story of his parents buying him a bass drum and made him play only that drum for a year before he got his snare - etc -etc - wonderful results for SJ. I eagerly await the TC every week!

Jazz History in Real Time

The singular most repeated mantra in jazz education is that there is no substitute for real-world experience if you want to learn how to play. Todd Coolman epitomizes this ideal and has, with this podcast, brought the public one more authentic resource on which one can draw to connect with jazz greats. Bravo to Todd for this awesome series! Please keep it up!

So interesting

This is a great podcast! Dr. Coolman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to a fascinating subject- whether it is teaching, playing, or listening to jazz. An excellent story teller, you can’t go wrong with this podcast.

Great jazz Podcast

One can tell Todd is a great educator and player based on these podcasts. He also has a nice storytelling touch.

Inside baseball for the musician or enthusiast

Todd is an engaging host, a fantastic raconteur and a world class bassist to boot. His guest are a who’s who of jazz greats and their conversations are fascinating and insightful. What’s not to like?

Just what I needed

I had been looking for a new podcast, and not even necessarily a music related one. However, once I gave the cool Todd cast a try, I was elated to find interviews with many of my favorite jazz musicians. Listening has been enlightening, relaxing, and inspiring. For anyone who wants to know more about the world of jazz from the last 50 years, this is the show for you!

Excellent podcast!

Insightful, engaging, and full of great musical tidbits. For musicians and non-musicians alike, this podcast is wonderful.

Jazz lover

I’m constantly searching for new pods, shows, videos and interviews that will help me expand my knowledge About the world of jazz. The music inspires me to want to learn more everyday. As I discover the musicians and artists who have spent their lives dedicated to this music and their craft, I’m eager to learn from them and hear what they have to say about the gigs they’ve played and the legends they’ve worked with. I’m loving this podcast so far as I’ve already gotten to hear from two musicians that I follow and admire very much. Their stories are so inspiring! Thank you Todd for sharing your knowledge and personal stories as well.

Prospectives on music and life from a true legend…..

This has quickly become my favorite podcasts with insightful and thought provoking interviews with the world’s most prominent jazz artists. Todd freely shares his artistry and conceptional ideas in a way that both educates and inspires. Thank you Todd for your music and this amazing podcast on so many levels!

The premier jazz podcast

Todd’s insights are authoritative, guests are legendary and discussion is deeply informed. Can’t recommend this enough!


I've always enjoyed Mr. Coolman's playing and commentary on the bandstand, so the opportunity to hear his thoughts on a podcast really piqued my interest. HIs interview with another of my favorites, Mike LeDonne was a treasure trove of information about the music business and their association with the masters. I cant wait to check out the other episodes and look forward to hearing more in the future!

Absolutely wonderful!

I was a student of Professor Coolman’s, and this podcast is fantastic! Every subject he interviews is a tremendous musician with something important to say about the music. Professor Coolman is creating a wonderful historical archive of the best current jazz musicians and I’m very appreciative.

Todd is the best

Always interesting and always funny. I didn’t realize I’d been waiting for this podcast all my life! 😏

A True Treasure

Todd offers a behind the scenes look at the careers of jazz legends and upcoming jazz talents. The topics covered give the listener an insightful understanding into many topics you may have always had questions about. An invaluable resource.

Great stories and amazing conversations

This Podcast has become one of my favorites, so many stories from the greats, incredible conversations, fun to listen to. The best way to know what happens in the Jazz world, to know it from the Legends

Excellent podcast!

Todd's podcast is not to be missed. He always has engaging and lively discussions with his guests, who indeed are at the top of their field. Todd's humility and intellectual curiousity comes through in every episode. I look forward to more!

Inspired and addictive conversations

“Imagination, imagination, imagination!” None of the predictable questions - none of the predictable answers. Very spontaneous and energized dialogues between master musicians - highly recommended.

Patient Advice from a master musician

I first met Todd at back to back Aebersold jazz camps in Greeley, Colorado in the early 80s. He has always impressed me with his amazing bass chops and his respectful observations. I can remember trying to track down Al Haig performances after Todd told me he thought it would help my comping. I bumped into Todd again many years later in Philadelphia at a jazz club in Front Street. This podcast has given me the chance to reconnect with Todd and his tutelage. If you really want to know about jazz music from inside the craft, make this a weekly habit.

Todd’s Coolcast

Excellent. Already, it’s a do-not-miss situation.

👍 Such a treat

It was so great to learn about Todd's experiences! Great insight and compelling stories! I can't wait for the next episode!

An inside look into jazz and life

Great podcast! Todd combines his deep life wisdom and his experience as a jazz musician to educate and elucidate. Plus, he has a great speaking voice, which makes the listening experience even more fulfilling. Thanks, Todd!

The Cool Toddcast

A very good listen from a very good bassist and educator. It’s important that a music show be presented by someone who loves music. I think this podcast, like Mr. Coolman’s bass playing in the course of a set, will continue to be interesting and a pleasure to listen to.

Do yourself a favor. Book your regular hang with Coolman

I had the good fortune of getting to study with Todd for a couple of years. He was a brilliant teacher, a good friend, and one of the hippest people I’ve ever met. I paid big college $ to soak up his wisdom (money well spent). To think that you guys can tune in each week and have such deep knowledge dropped on you for free! Y’all don’t get how lucky you are! Now quit reading reviews and hit that subscribe button. No doubt, you’ll be hipper for it.


What an interesting and informative session on the topic of Jazz! I love listening to the insightful stories✨ I can’t wait to listening more episodes!