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The premier jazz podcast

Todd’s insights are authoritative, guests are legendary and discussion is deeply informed. Can’t recommend this enough!


I've always enjoyed Mr. Coolman's playing and commentary on the bandstand, so the opportunity to hear his thoughts on a podcast really piqued my interest. HIs interview with another of my favorites, Mike LeDonne was a treasure trove of information about the music business and their association wi…

Absolutely wonderful!

I was a student of Professor Coolman’s, and this podcast is fantastic! Every subject he interviews is a tremendous musician with something important to say about the music. Professor Coolman is creating a wonderful historical archive of the best current jazz musicians and I’m very appreciative.

Todd is the best

Always interesting and always funny. I didn’t realize I’d been waiting for this podcast all my life! 😏

A True Treasure

Todd offers a behind the scenes look at the careers of jazz legends and upcoming jazz talents. The topics covered give the listener an insightful understanding into many topics you may have always had questions about. An invaluable resource.

Great stories and amazing conversations

This Podcast has become one of my favorites, so many stories from the greats, incredible conversations, fun to listen to. The best way to know what happens in the Jazz world, to know it from the Legends

Excellent podcast!

Todd's podcast is not to be missed. He always has engaging and lively discussions with his guests, who indeed are at the top of their field. Todd's humility and intellectual curiousity comes through in every episode. I look forward to more!

Inspired and addictive conversations

“Imagination, imagination, imagination!” None of the predictable questions - none of the predictable answers. Very spontaneous and energized dialogues between master musicians - highly recommended.

Patient Advice from a master musician

I first met Todd at back to back Aebersold jazz camps in Greeley, Colorado in the early 80s. He has always impressed me with his amazing bass chops and his respectful observations. I can remember trying to track down Al Haig performances after Todd told me he thought it would help my comping. I b…

Todd’s Coolcast

Excellent. Already, it’s a do-not-miss situation.

👍 Such a treat

It was so great to learn about Todd's experiences! Great insight and compelling stories! I can't wait for the next episode!

An inside look into jazz and life

Great podcast! Todd combines his deep life wisdom and his experience as a jazz musician to educate and elucidate. Plus, he has a great speaking voice, which makes the listening experience even more fulfilling. Thanks, Todd!

The Cool Toddcast

A very good listen from a very good bassist and educator. It’s important that a music show be presented by someone who loves music. I think this podcast, like Mr. Coolman’s bass playing in the course of a set, will continue to be interesting and a pleasure to listen to.

Do yourself a favor. Book your regular hang with Coolman

I had the good fortune of getting to study with Todd for a couple of years. He was a brilliant teacher, a good friend, and one of the hippest people I’ve ever met. I paid big college $ to soak up his wisdom (money well spent). To think that you guys can tune in each week and have such deep knowledg…


What an interesting and informative session on the topic of Jazz! I love listening to the insightful stories✨ I can’t wait to listening more episodes!

What a Cool Show

I'm excited to scoop up all the great jazz knowledge from the coolest bass player from Illinois that has a PHD from NYU that recently retired from a tenured college position in Westchester county, NY